Stonehenge Summer Solstice, 2012

Glastonbury festival gap year teens
Flash smiles to rival the arc lights,
Angle-poised, together around
A brazier, 10 deep in seekers of oblivion.
Warm air weaves and ducks between the
Bodies; touching the faces of the late-comers
Like a benediction.

Armoured police are ready on muscle
Headed horses. Flexing necks, football
Trained to handle crowds they ride down
The drunks whose voices start belligerent
Descending into panic while paddy
Wagons dot the avenue like stations
Of the crossed.

Bongo cross beats collide across the
Sarcens. Electricity sleeps in a thousand
Mobile phones . Here in the centre
Of the circle the cacophony goes shooting
Up the vein of history throbbing just above;
Where the solstice has tied it off and
Exposed a habit that’s hard to break.

Brian Rutherford

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