The Bogle

Into the gloam, the cracked path descending, You weave your way through the glen and the flood. You crush the wild garlic and bending, Find claw-tipped prints, pressed into the mud. A stickled oak slumps its sodden carcass, Across the sphagnum in its beaded bed. Slouching and yawning into the darkness, Red ruins at the […]


A concept is the box around a preposition of what’s true; A shoe, A cat. Even a trumpet, (which you’ve never seen), Can be believed because I say its so, and believing this is easy, when you’re only two. But 15 is a dangerous age, I say, it’s time to have the ‘talk’; How boys […]

Chaos Theory

ONE Compton looked over the fence at the mud filled field and sighed. The Dovecot stood at the top of a small rise silhouetted against a bank of dark clouds threatening to break and wash away all the evidence. The body lay at an angle halfway down the grassy slope where it had slid sometime […]

Miss Blair

The modern school of 1970, With long glass walls and puttied joints, Stares down the years left in the century, As one might view the glittering points Of stars, across a matchless sky, empty Of clouds and full of wonder. Much like the children in the yard; Whose guileless minds are cracked asunder And filled […]

A Message From The Queen

For a moment, the thrashing dance is still. We find you reflected on every plate And lens of our composite eyes. We wait For your vibration , your shivering will. Lifting up is such ecstasy, leaving The grubs and the grinding days behind. Sweet sons and daughters goodbye, we will think Of your tiny bodies, […]

Stonehenge Summer Solstice, 2012

Glastonbury festival gap year teens Flash smiles to rival the arc lights, Angle-poised, together around A brazier, 10 deep in seekers of oblivion. Warm air weaves and ducks between the Bodies; touching the faces of the late-comers Like a benediction. Armoured police are ready on muscle Headed horses. Flexing necks, football Trained to handle crowds […]

The Map Of Truth

Today is the day, my son, when I lay out the map of truth. Here, run your hands across its contours, push and probe into the dips. Happenstance, happy accidents and bad choices Formed around the moments, turning sour or sweet upon the lips. I lived each fucking one and now, my boy, I pass […]

The Brodgar Boy

———————————————————————————————————————————– “Archaeologists found this tiny clay figurine while working on a spectacular Neolithic settlement complex between two stone circles on the Ness of Brodgar in Orkney. While archaeologists have speculated that the Orkney Venus may have served a ritual purpose, representing a goddess or ancestor, Nick Card of the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA), […]


Unthinking, I drifted past your old flat, And pulled my tendrils slowly round to feel the contours of your door, Behind, the freezing hallway and the sometimes welcome mat, My spores, a cloud of expectations, falling slowly to the floor. I pulsed through the keyhole to spiral flop and overwhelm Your lamp. Then, the soft […]


What is it child, that pulls the eye and draws the body down? The sea, sir , and its milky mind that stretches out to draw and drown. What is it child that slides and shifts the sun to jar the eye? The sea, sir, speaks in glass and green two words , stumble, die.